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March 1, 2013 · 1 comment

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My friend Kimm Crandall has written a book for moms who need the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

I can’t think of a greater recommendation than this for her book because every page has grace written all over it.

As a sinner who is a mother, by God’s grace I’ve been made aware of how I tend to stack up my maternal achievements as a measure of my godliness. Kimm’s book is like a gigantic neon sign for moms like me: Look to Christ- He is your righteousness! I’m thankful for Kimm’s honesty as she shares her own struggles with the issue of self-justification. She writes as a friend who is right there with you, spurring you on to build your hope on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

I think Christ in the Chaos would be wonderful to read with others. Perhaps you could get a copy for yourself and a friend? This book is short and it won’t take you very long to read, but processing what you’re learning is best done slowly and in the context of community.

Here are a few “teaser” quotes:

“If you are a mother, you are in a wonderful yet consuming season in your life. But the fact that you are a mother does not make you who you are. Nor does your worth as a person reflect your skill or delight (or lack thereof) in mothering. Rather, your true identity comes from who you are in Christ.”

“It seems clear to me that the Lord designed all my challenges so that I would eventually turn to him and learn where my true identity is hidden: in Christ. Sometimes the busyness of life becomes all that a mom really thinks about—the to-do list runs your days and you see yourself in terms of all the mundane things you do. Or maybe you never had an accurate view of what it means to be in Christ.”

“If you were to read through my personal journal, you would see that my main struggle is against my own weakness. Instead of boasting in my weakness so that the power of God may rest on me, I often find myself despairing because I am not strong like I think I need to be. I struggle with feelings of unworthiness as a wife, a mother, and a child of God—the proof of my unworthiness being my weakness. But through the power of the gospel, I eventually make my way to the truth, and the Lord draws me closer to himself.”

You can purchase Christ in the Chaos: How the Gospel Changes Motherhood from Cruciform Press.

Don’t forget to follow Kimm’s blog: Christ in the Chaos and check out the article she wrote for DK: “Bored and Unproductive Moms Are Still Loved by God” for DK.


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1 Tim March 2, 2013 at 4:06 am

“your true identity comes from who you are in Christ”

This quote acts like a bookend for me this week, Gloria, since I touched on the same thing in my post on Monday and now here I am reading about it again here on Friday. Kimm’s whole take on parenting and who we are in Jesus comes across as one big message of grace here today.



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