One Friend’s Bold Book Recommendation

March 25, 2013 · 2 comments

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by Gloria Furman

As the kids’ paper chain calendar countdown gets shorter and shorter, my Things To-Do list seems to get longer and longer. Isn’t it funny how that happens? We’re packing up for a month-long trip to the States, making our first stop in Orlando for The Gospel Coalition National Conference.

One might imagine that packing for our family to go an adventure of that length would be difficult. But honestly, the major difficulty in packing occurs on the way back home. The classic packing question “What should we bring?” is replaced by “Who knew that jars of BBQ sauce weighed so much?” and “Where can we squeeze in five more copies of this book?”

It was in the context of strategizing the suitcases for our return trip that I remembered to check my bookshelf to see how many copies we have left of this book.

“A coffee press and a set of icing tips are examples of gifts that keep on giving. So is Milton Vincent’s 97-page book A Gospel Primer for Christians.

It’s rare for me to remember how I happened to own any particular book. Books fly in and out of our house like the dusty Dubai air.

This book is different. I remember standing in Kevin and Katie Cawley’s living room in Kansas City, and I noticed a thin, brown book on their coffee table. ‘A Gospel Primer for Christians. What’s this about?’ I inquired.

‘It will change your life! Take it.’ Kevin likes to give grandiose endorsements for great books, BBQ, and Death Cab for Cutie songs. And I like free books.

I was not aware that in God’s providence I would soon be clinging for dear life to the truths in that book.”

Read the rest of Sometimes God Doesn’t Open Doors on The Gospel Coalition (19 July 2012)

Quotes from Milton Vincent’s A Gospel Primer for Christians can be found in these articles on Domestic Kingdom.


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1 Melissa March 27, 2013 at 4:55 pm

Adding that book to my Amazon wish list. And a coffee press. ;-)


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