1 Peter 4

How Jesus Frees Us to Love Our Neighbor

November 7, 2012 Devotional Mundane
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by Gloria Furman A few years ago our family stayed in a church’s guesthouse for two wonderful, jet-lagged, rainy weeks. We always enjoy our visits to that city and look forward to the refreshing fellowship we have with our friends. Plus the tamales at the restaurant down the road from the church are to die […]

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The Heart of My Risotto

June 11, 2012 Inspiring Homemaking

by Samantha Muthiah The Heart In a previous post about cake, I shared with you that I was suffering from a severe lack of motivation in the kitchen. I had realised that my lack of motivation went deeper than drawing a blank when I looked in my cupboards. My inaction was actually rooted in my […]

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Helpmates don’t just organize sock drawers

February 18, 2012 Sanctifying Relationships

by Gloria Furman “Where’s my black socks? The ones that aren’t too tight and don’t itch?” I alone am the one person in my house who knows the answer to this question with unparalleled confidence. You can’t really blame my husband for asking for the whereabouts of these black socks. The only time he needs […]

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